The Beebe Company History


The Beebe Company was established in 1884 in Portland and Astoria, Oregon by Charles F. Beebe as ship builders and dealers of equipment for the shipping, sailing and fishing industries. It has passed down for five generations, but when Robert Beebe retired in the late 80s the historic family brand lay mostly dormant.

Great, great grandson of the founder, Silas Beebe resurrected the brand in 2012 to apply  international product design and development expertise to durable and innovative leather goods we can still manufacture here in the USA. 

Today, The Beebe Company specializes in stylish universal phone mounts for cars, bikes, and motorcycles, daily carry, and travel.


Sample pages from a 1920 catalog from The Beebe Company. 





One of our sloops in a calm day on the Columbia River. 


The Beebe Company catalog circa 1925. 

Tin camping cup, mid 20th Century. 

Plaque from a restored Beebe Co. built motorboat. 

A restored small sailboat that still plies the waters of Oregon. 


1940-50s shipping crate with original label.


5th generation owner Silas Beebe busy sewing prototypes. 

Silas Beebe dirt bike camping in Mt Hood backcountry.


Dirt bike camping in a secret spot. Navigating with our phone mount. 

4th generation owner Spencer Beebe, also a "wizard of the wheelie", circa 1969.

This family has a lot of experience on two wheels.  


3rd generation owner Robert Beebe in the shop on SW 12th Ave.

He was still commuting to work on a motorcycle at this time.


2nd generation owner Gerald Beebe. 

2nd generation owner Kenneth Beebe, a "wizard of the wheelie". 

Oregon National Guard General Charles Francis Beebe, founder of The Beebe Company.

Son Kenneth Beebe riding his bicycle in the background.